by Tom Copson

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Tom’s debut album “Woven” will be release on 4th June, 2012. Tom Robinson from BBC Introducing recently played the opening track ‘Afraid to fall’ twice on his 6music show, as well as selecting it to be played as his 6music selector track on BBC Scotland! He described the song as “Wonderful stuff! And in regards to the album stated “I for one can’t to wait to hear it!”

Developed over the past couple of years around countless gigs both home and abroad, the album combines luscious string arrangements and strong rhythms behind Tom’s dynamic acoustic based songwriting and soaring vocals.


released 03 July 2012

When combining with producer Stu Reid (Duran Duran, Joyzipper, Killa Kela) they formed a band made up of their friends and family, and set about recording an album in beautiful churches with lovely reverbs. The album process was finished at the beginning of the year with ear master Mike Marsh at the Exchange in London, and its widespread positive anticipation has already secured slots at this summer’s festivals with Secret Garden Party, Standon Calling, and Hop Farm among them.



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Track Name: Afraid to fall
Afraid to fall

Brother are you hearing me?
I notice you’ve been silent for some time
The days are getting darker now
The anchor tied around your leg is down
What good will staring do and what are you hoping to see?
You’re not afraid to die but fear not to live fills your mind

All this time away
Away from the light
Is leading this pursuit of happiness

So don’t be afraid to fall
Or you'll never fall at all
No you'll never fall at all
And don’t find a reason not to weep
Or you’ll never find your sleep
No you’ll never find your sleep

I hear you breathing deeply now
I watch you try and tunnel to escape
The earth is tumbling down on you
But every tear that fell is washing you through
Track Name: Prayers for Benjamin
Prayers for Benjamin

I remember the prayers for Benjamin
I remember we all held out our hands
I remember the way he started crying
Are you willing to read what’s on your mind?
And stranger things have happened....

I remember the running round in circles
I never knew that a hope could get so tired
I remember the time spent our faces
Are you willing to know what’s on your mind?
And stranger things have happened
When staring a demon in the eye
I don’t wanna see that face no more
I don’t wanna see that face no more

I remember the prayers from everyone
I remember the sunshine on our backs
Is this the end ‘cos the end is full of laughter
Are you willing to read what’s on your mind?
And stranger things have happened
When staring a demon in the eye
I don’t wanna see that face no more
I don’t wanna see that face no more
I don't wanna see that face no more
I don't wanna see that face
Track Name: Treehouse
Tree house

I’ll like to unravel you in a Volkswagen camper
We can open the curtains and be blessed in the light
Your fables and stories they make up my book pile
Gives me the chance to open you up and learn about who I love

I can't drop the commitment to the marks we both leave
Our shoes lie next to each others and have done so for a while
It's nice to know that I won't be intrusive
Yet your eyes are still my guide to how far I can go

Meet me in the treehouse that I built in my head for you
I was hoping that you might come and join me soon

I’m staring into the ocean blue lights as they fade to green
As the sun sets I know we will be here for the night
We’ll drive forever until the woods call us home
Gives me the chance to open you up and learn about who I love
Track Name: Moments

We showed them
We found the way we’d chosen
We sacrificed and we knew then
That we were alive

We need you
To understand
In the moment is just a lie
They want you to believe
They want you to receive
Are you waiting?
Are you waiting?

And the moments
That you live for
Where are they now?
Where are they now?
And do you remember?
Who can remember?
Where are they now?
Where are they now?

Where are they?

We told you
And patiently
We waited for one more day
Like any other day
And you know you’ll find a way
Are you waiting?
Are you waiting?
Track Name: Jenny has a gun
Jenny Has a Gun

Jenny has a gun
But she still resists
It hangs upon her heart
Hoping to be held
Now Jenny's lost her way
And forgotten her home
Like lust it will tempt her
To lose all control

So place her hands behind her head
And throw that weapon to the ground
Let's never know of all the blood
That would be shed if Jenny shot that gun

Now Jenny's made mistakes
They've not been all her fault
She used to have faith
And act with such grace
Now Jenny's out her mind
With a trigger she flirts
It kissed her fingertips and
Seduces her heart
Track Name: Pretend

Place your head in your hands and think about a new dream
This one’s gone so terribly wrong
And don’t you know it
When you fell asleep with a pocket full of posies
Still being spun by the ring a’ ring a’ roses
We all fall down

And oh when you pretend
You muddle your words and lose the meaning
And friends can’t understand
The singing of songs without the feeling
Hiding emotion when you need to let it out
I Try not to pretend any more

So confused by the voices telling you there’s one way
But all that you’ve done, and all you can become
Is taking you another
When you fell asleep on a blanket of roses
Kept your heart safe your mind wide awake
And grew the soul

And I know there’s something out there for you
Track Name: Rainbow

He woke up with the birds
The sun in his eyes
Curses the morning
Gives thanks for the light
Passing by strangers and passing by friends
Homeless man dreams of a life he could have

And the sky looked down...

There's a rainbow coming in your sleep
And it's been so long
There's a rainbow coming in your sleep
And it means so much to me

Almost unnoticed he started to smile
Thought he heard singing notes in his heart
In one blessed moment he felt he was loved
Future sunrises still had hope

And the sky looked down
With an answered prayer

A rainbow wrapped it's self around his heart
Not promising much
But promising....
Still a hope that he may one day know
Not promising but promising

(Rainbow coming) And it won't be long!
Track Name: People

People on the earth going round and round
We can live high in the clouds or hollow underground
Depending on the heat we're choosing up or down
Any chance to get away from this broken down town
Doubt and insecurity have found a way to reign
As we all know how to laugh
We all know how to cry
Each breath an opportunity to realise
The things that drop in can drop out of your mind

Don't know why sometimes its easier to understand the lies of our hearts
Makes our blood run cold and we fall into temptation not to build ourselves up
And when a love comes round it can take a little time before the people will see
But that love will heal our wounds a little more

Voices on the streets can confuse your way
Remember that you already have everything in place
To walk along with your head held high
And your feet so strong in each step you try
Forget all the things that hold you back
The weight of those words
The depth of those insults
Open your eyes to beyond those lies
As we're people with soul and we're people with fight
Track Name: Never alone
Never alone

Only a man
Only a fool
I've fell so hard asleep on the ground
If I pull myself back up
Will I even have the strength to carry on?

Cos the love lost has me late
And I feel I've wandered past my final chance
As I look to the skies
I might even see the castle in the air

Through all my mistakes
Spun a subtle thread of grace
That became my first thought
As a woven soul of Earth
Are you listening?
I'm calling out your name
Are you listening?
I am never alone

How many days must I crawl?
Will I ever feel the sand slide off my feet?
My mirage
My distant hope
Can you hear the searching beating of my heart?

Only a man
Only a fool.....
Track Name: Sink or Swim
Sink or swim

Words are just the waves that take our thoughts out to sea
They'll swim if they wanna swim
And drown if they're gonna drown
Should something that I say make it's way back onto the shore
It'll walk if it wants to walk
Or die if it cannot live

So when I whisper to you that I think you are my love
It'll dance if it's gonna dance
Or fall if its gonna fall
Words are just emotions that can knock into our hearts
And the door may open wide
Or your love may stay inside

Our fore-bearers only knew the same
Cos' its life and this my dear will never change

No more waiting
This heart's had its share of it
Enough of it
No more hiding
Let this poor soul breathe again
Sink or swim

Words are just the waves that take our thoughts out to sea
They'll Swim if they wanna sound
And drown if they're never heard
When something that I say makes it's way back onto the shore
Let it walk into the land
And dance with you my love

Say it........
Track Name: Never awake
Never awake

A ten year one way love affair
Least that’s the way it feels right now
A journey in pursuit of nothing
This broken heart has just endured

And if you were never awake I’m lost

I choose to live without regret
Hoping that I may not forget
The times you breathed upon my neck
And caused this shameful heart to beat

I didn’t think I was on my own
I didn't think I was on my own
Will my soul still make it home?
I didn’t think I was on my own